When was MAG founded?
MAG was founded in late 2009 by CEO Joe Fluet.

What does MAG do?
We combine leading technology, experienced operators, and proven practices to deliver services that solve customer problems.

Does MAG develop, design, or manufacture products?
Generally, no. We implement, operate, and conduct training on technology, but we generally remain technology agnostic.

Where is MAG’s corporate headquarters?
We’re headquartered at 13580 Groupe Drive Suite 200, Woodbridge, VA 22192. Please drop by.

How many people does MAG employ?
MAG has over 900 full time employees operating around the world.

Who are MAG’s customers?
MAG serves the needs of the U.S. Government, International Partners, Civilian, and Commercial Customers.

Where does MAG operate?
MAG has a global reach, with experience operating on 5 of the world’s 7 continents.

Who is MAG’s private equity investor?
MAG is partnered with the Clairvest Group (

I have a potential investment opportunity for MAG. Who should I contact?
Please contact MAG’s Chief Strategy Officer, France Hoang, at this email.


What are MAG’s Core Capabilities?
MAG provides Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Services (including operations, training, and technical services) and other Specialty Aviation Services.

Does MAG qualify for set-aside contracts?
MAG qualifies as a small business under certain NAICS codes.

I’m a Government Contractor. Who should I contact if I’m interested in teaming with MAG?
Please contact Matt Bartlett, Chief Growth Officer, at this email.


What services does MAG provide International Partners?
MAG provides manned aerial surveillance and reconnaissance services; unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) services, MI-17 operations, support, and training; aviation logistics; and aviation training services.

Where has MAG performed international / overseas work?
MAG has performed work in South America, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and Europe.

What about Export Compliance / ITAR?
MAG is experienced in navigating the U.S. Export Compliance regime in order to delivery timely, trade compliant services to international partners.

Who should I contact if I want to learn more about MAG international services?
Please contact Thor Hisam at this email.


What commercial services does MAG provide?
MAG provides aerial sensing services; UAV / drone services; specialty helicopter services; aviation logistics; and aviation training services.

Where can MAG perform work?
MAG can perform work anywhere in the U.S. and in overseas countries not under U.S. sanction.

Does MAG partner or team with other commercial companies?
Yes. Please contact Matt Bartlett, Chief Growth Officer, at this email.


Where can I find current press releases?
Go to this page.

Who do I contact for press inquiries?
Press inquiries should be directed to France Hoang at this email.


Is MAG hiring? What positions are open?
Current MAG job openings are posted on this page.

How do I apply?
You can apply online for a MAG position on this page.


Is MAG a drone/ UAV company?
Yes, we implement, operate, and conduct training on drone / UAVs for customers.

Does MAG manufacture drones / UAVs?
No, we provide drone / UAV services using technology developed by other companies. We’re agnostic as to platform, sensor, and control systems.

Does MAG operate drones / UAVs in the United States?
Not yet. We have significant experience operating drones overseas for customers, but are awaiting FAA restrictions to be lifted in the United States.

My company is interested in using drones / UAVs in our business. How can MAG help?
MAG can help you determine your requirements; design/select a drone / UAV and payload that meets those requirements; integrate the drones/UAV system into your business processes; purchase, lead, and manage a fleet of drones / UAVs; deploy and implement drones/UAVs, operate drones/UAVs, maintain drones/UAVs, and select personnel to operate and maintain your drones/UAVs.