Woodbridge, VA, December 16, 2015- Momentum Aerospace Group (MAG) has released a white paper on Regional Contract Aviation for Law Enforcement.

Law enforcement agencies have long recognized the value that aviation assets can provide their officers, their communities, and their citizens. Properly deployed and employed, law enforcement aircraft provide real time situational awareness otherwise unavailable to agencies. This awareness can save lives, reduce agency response time, increase officer safety, improve public confidence, and help agencies make better decisions about how to use the resources at their disposal.

Thus, it is not surprising that over 200 local and state law enforcement agencies currently employ over 600 aircraft in the United States. These aircraft perform a myriad of roles including speed enforcement, disaster response, command and control, searches, search and rescue, vehicle pursuits, transport, patrol support, and routine patrol.

Facing growing budgetary pressure, law enforcement agencies have reexamined the costs of their aviation programs balanced against the benefits provided and roles performed. Believing that no less costly alternative to their current programs were available, some agencies have curtailed or even cancelled their aviation programs. Other agencies, while interested in the potential benefits, have chosen not to create a law enforcement aviation program because of the high initial startup costs.

MAG’s White Paper on Regional Contract Aviation for Law Enforcement outlines an alternative to the traditional law enforcement aviation model that provides the same capabilities and benefits, but at a lower cost while offering greater efficiency and more flexibility.

Download the White Paper today at the link below.

Download Regional CALE White Paper