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Woodbridge, VA, April 27, 2015- MAG is excited to welcome Suzanne Mencer to its Board of Advisors.

Suzanne Mencer is the founder, former Executive Director and Citizen Advisor to the Board of Directors of the Colorado Emergency Preparedness Partnership (CEPP). Ms. Mencer is also the President of Manor Ridge Group, Inc., a company that provides subject matter expertise on public safety and homeland security issues. She served as the Director of the Office for Domestic Preparedness in the Department of Homeland Security.

Appointed by President Bush and confirmed by the United States Senate, she managed a $4 billion budget and directed federal initiatives to help states, local jurisdictions, regional authorities, and tribal governments plan, prepare, prevent and respond to acts of terrorism. Ms. Mencer’s experience in emergency preparedness and government security makes her a great addition to our board of advisors here at MAG.

“We are delighted to have Sue’s experience and expertise a part of the MAG team.” -Francis Hoang

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