MAG provides operations and maintenance for ISR command and control Operations Centers for federal customers. MAG also provides 24/7 command, control, communications, and IT services related to ISR networks systems worldwide.


Why Choose MAG

MAG leverages technical expertise and real world experience to build and improve ISR Operations Centers to maximize capabilities for customers.


MAG is driven and guided by our core values of Serve-Win-Perform


MAG successfully engineered, installed, and currently provides Operation and Maintenance support for all of the Air National Guard RPASOCs in existence today


MAG’s proven end-to-end ISR procedures and techniques facilitate the timely delivery of actionable intelligence information to decision makers and operators in the field


MAG has successfully built and operated over 30 Operations Centers worldwide


MAG has over 10 years of experience in the installation, operation, and maintenance of RPA SOC-unique equipment solutions


MAG designed and built the original RPASOC, including development of the standard maintenance practices.


MAG designed and installed the first mobile RPASOC and supports mobile/remote ops with distribution hubs, mission control stations, and Mission Support Packages.


MAG coordinates with O&M units, the acquisition community, and DOD offices and agencies as required to support operations


MAG has provided operations center supports for US and Coalition Forces


MAG can conduct and support RSO to lower target area footprint, provide redundant control locations, and optimize manning


MAG can combine UAS ops with intel fusion ops to enable dynamic retasking, shorten the intel cycle, and share TTPs


MAG understands the entire TCPED process, the customer’s targeting cycle and timelines.

The key to successful ISR activities is an ISR plan that is developed based on well reasoned analysis, driven by your requirements, focused on your directed tasks, and tied to your anticipated decisions or intended actions.

We are fundamentally about ensuring the right sensors are positioned at the right place at the right time to provide the right feedback about activities within your area of operations.

We work to shorten the collection cycle on board the aircraft and with mission analysts on the ground. This enables us to improve performance and dictate favorable outcomes for you.

High resolution imagery is only the beginning. Instead of focusing entirely on advanced sensors and integrating new phenomenology, which can actually impede dynamic operations, we look at how we treat information once we have it.

We analyze collected information and present products, conclusions, or projections regarding the operational environment in a format the enables you to achieve situational understanding.

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C2 Systems & Ops (OPCENS)

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C2 Systems & Ops (BICES)

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C2 Systems & Operations

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