Airborne ISR Training

MAG provides training to International customers to conduct and support manned ISR operations. MAG trains personnel worldwide on integrating evolving ISR technologies into the mission architecture and conducting successful ISR operations without mission disruption or degradation. MAG.s highly trained instructors have extensive ISR curricula at their disposal, and use the classroom, simulation, aircraft with sensors and host nation rider programs to achieve optimal training results.


Why Choose MAG

MAG delivers Safe, Effective, and Sustainable training solutions based on real-world experience supporting aviation training and operations.


MAG is driven and guided by our core values of Serve-Win-Perform


Training curriculums are customized and tailored to each customer’s mission and aviation infrastructure.


MAG has over 200,000 hours of flight operations and has provided ISR training on multiple continents


MAG conducts training to a standard that ensures the safety of both the instructors and instructed to prevent loss of life or equipment


MAG tailors training to those tasks that are mission essential to making the customer effective


MAG provides training at a level and using materials that can be sustained by the customer after we are gone


MAG employs highly trained and experience aviation and aerial surveillance personnel and accomplished instructor pilots


MAG selects instructors with the aptitude, personality, and patience appropriate for the training and trainees


Customers have complete control over final training configurations provided by MAG


MAG leverages real-world flight operations experience for more realistic and relevant training


MAG maintains a proprietary and established set of ISR programs of instructions and training materials


MAG can obtain the optimal combination of personnel, experience, capabilities, and equipment for each training need


MAG uses the ADDIE instructional systems design model to develop training materials and conduct training


MAG identifies relevant doctrine and tailor our programs and key topics and practices from established doctrine


MAG has established plans and procedures to staff and deploy instructors and assets worldwide to meet customer needs

View Use Cases and Success Stories

Manned ISR Training (Maritime Patrol)

Malaysia PROBLEM: The RMP received 2x King Air 350 aircraft for Special Mission (Surveillance/SAR) purposes, but did not have the expertise to perform operational duties…...

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Manned ISR Training (Special Mission Wing Training)

Southwest Asia PROBLEM: The Special Mission Wing is Afghanistan’s only Aviation Special Mission unit and includes the PC-12NG aircraft, which is Afghanistan’s only intelligence, surveillance,…...

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USSOCOM Partners with MAG Aerospace SMT Division

Fairfax, Virginia  – November 8, 2018 – MAG Aerospace Special Mission Training (SMT) Division has partnered with the USSOCOM Care Coalition to provide career opportunities for wounded…...

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What Does It Take to Be an ISR Pilot?

Being an Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) pilot requires confidence, flexibility, and resilience, combined with a high level of technical and aeronautical competence. Attention to…...

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MAG Attends Quad-A Summit

Nashville, Tennessee - April 25, 2018 – MAG Aerospace is exhibiting at the 2018 Army Aviation Mission Solutions Summit in Nashville, Tennessee. The summit takes place…...

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MAG Canada Wins Air Cadet Training Contract

Ontario, Canada - April 12, 2018 – MAG Canada was awarded a contract from the Canadian Department of National Defence for Air Cadet training in 2018.…...

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Manned ISR Training

Learn more about how MAG provides training for fixed wing aircraft ISR operations

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