UAS Training

MAG is a proven provider of RPA and UAS operations, maintenance, and aviation services for international customers.  MAG operators have logged over 30,000 hours managing, performing, and sustained unmanned ISR programs and aircraft, providing operations and maintenance in the most austere locations worldwide.  We operate and support RPA / UAS in all size tiers for both tactical and strategic purposes.


Why Choose MAG

MAG delivers Safe, Effective, and Sustainable UAS training solutions based on real-world experience supporting and conducting UAS operations.


MAG is driven and guided by our core values of Serve-Win-Perform


Training curriculums are customized and tailored to each customer’s mission and UAS infrastructure.


MAG has over 30,000 hours of UAS flight operations and has provided UAS training on multiple continents


MAG tailors training to a standard that ensures the safety of both the instructors and instructed to prevent injury and loss of life or equipment


MAG identifies and adjusts a base technical solution to accommodate customers constraints such as cultural, infrastructure, and educational variables


MAG provides training at a level that trainees can comprehend and use training materials that produce an enduring capability


MAG UAS instructors have over 60 years combined UAS experience (average 10 years per Instructor) and over 15,000 UAS flight hours (both instructor and operational)


MAG selects instructors with the aptitude, personality, and patience appropriate for the training and trainees


Customers have complete control over final training configurations provided by MAG


MAG leverages real-world UAS operations experience for more realistic and relevant training


MAG maintains a proprietary and established set of UAS programs of instructions and training materials


MAG can obtain the optimal combination of personnel, experience, capabilities, and equipment for each training need


MAG uses the ADDIE instructional systems design model to develop training materials and conduct training


MAG identifies relevant doctrine and tailor our programs and key topics and practices from established doctrine


MAG has established plans and procedures to staff and deploy instructors and assets worldwide to meet customer needs

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UAS Training (PMC)

Philippines  PROBLEM: The Philippine Marine Corps required Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (SUAS) for integration into their Marine Forces Imagery and Targeting Support System (MITTS) project.…...

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Unmanned ISR Training

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